Mark Hurrell.

There Is No Alternative

There Is No Alternative

Creative direction and design for The Showroom Gallery

2020  2021

I initially got involved with Navine’s project There Is No Alternative (TINA) as part of her research into the visual identity of Prevent (the UK government anti-terrorism predictive-policing strategy) when I was working at GOV.UK. Her work really resonated with me, and a couple of years later I co-ran some of the participatory social practice sessions with alongside Navine as part of her TINA programme of events at The Showroom Gallery.

The book took shape from that programme, collecting discussions and research with community feedback in a package that could be sent out to government officials taking part in upcoming discussions about reforming or scrapping Prevent.

You can buy a copy from Tender Books, or directly from Chateau International.

Designed, edited and produced in tight collaboration with Navine G. Dossos, Lillian Wilkie at Chateau International, Lily Hall and the rest of the team at The Showroom, and with photography by Dan Weill.

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