Mark Hurrell.

I specialise in taking complex sets of information, technologies and processes with conflicting goals and priorities, and turning them into refined products with a clear sense of purpose. For editorial projects, this frequently involves refining the editorial structure, creative direction, layout, copywriting and typography. In digital teams, this often means product flows, interface designs, user journeys, information architectures, briefing teams, roadmapping and branding.

Over the last few years I've mostly been working with early or mid-stage startups and arts organisations. I'm equally comfortable collaborating directly with founders, artists and executives, as part of a multi-disciplinary product team, or taking on a full project by myself. Whether a website, a book or a brand, my designs reflect core values of function, meaning and efficiency with resources.


The Design Museum

  • Design of the Year, 2013 (for GOV.UK)
  • Digital Design of the Year, 2013 (for GOV.UK)


  • Black Pencil, 2013 (for GOV.UK)
  • Yellow Pencil, 2013 (for GOV.UK)
  • Pencil, 2018 (for GOV.UK Step-by-step)

.Net Magazine

  • Team of the Year (for GDS)
  • Redesign of the Year (for BBC News)


I've been profiled by Offscreen magazine, and contributed profiles of both GDS and the BBC design teams for Creative Review. My blog posts about web typography have been written up in Wired, A List Apart, several academic textbooks and a couple of PhDs. I have spoken about my work at IKEA's Space10, and have taken part in panel presentations and critted student design projects for Goldsmiths and the Royal College of Art. My work has been written about in Bloomberg Businessweek, The Guardian, BBC Radio, Creative Review, The Daily Mail, Core 77, Wired, Tech Crunch, O'Reilly books, and has spawned a few Hacker News memes.


It’s simple, direct, well mannered ‐ all the things we would like to take for granted from the government but, in a sea of red tape and jargon, usually can’t.
Deyan Sudjic OBE
Remember the thing a few years ago about the lack of web masterpieces? A strong argument could be made for GOV.UK.
Frank Chimero
The design principles from the UK government are simple, beautiful and just *right*.
Tim O’Reilly
A portrait photograph of me
Me speaking in front of a slidedeck
Talking at Space10
A scan of a photograph of me in a magazine
Offscreen Magazine
Me and a man in a bowler hat
GOV.UK launch day
Me sitting in a crowd, smiling
At a meetup