Mark Hurrell.

Accessible design best practice poster

Accessible design best practice poster

Creative direction, design and copywriting for Government Digital Service

2018  2018

All public services are legally required to be accessible. Also, because of structural inequality and discrimination, users with access needs are frequently over-represented among those who depend on public services. Though well-intended, advice and guidelines about accessible design are often a bit confusing and contradictory.

I gathered all available GDS guidance to make an easy-to-follow poster for how to make digital products more accessible. I framed the advice in terms of situational contexts rather than specific disabilities, to reduce the risk of negating user groups. To ensure its longevity, I made the advice outcome-orientated instead of focusing on specific technical implementations.

With illustrations by Wil Freeborn, fact-checking from Alistair Duggin and design direction from Lou Downe.

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