Mark Hurrell.


MUJI jug

12 May 2015

I’ve owned one of these MUJI aroma diffusers for a minute. Of course I do. Just take a second to imagine me sat in bed reading some french critical-marxist theory or a bit of Cormac McCarthy or whatever, lightly enveloped in a delicate eucalyptus mist.

Anyway, it comes with this little measuring jug you use to refill it which I’ve got a bit obsessed with. I mean it’s a cheap plastic thing but the proportions are just perfect, it feels both lightweight and solid, the textured surface provides gives enough grip that you don’t need a handle (which would be clumsy on something this size anyway). The thin lozenge shape and it’s small spout give a really slow, controlled flow when you top up the diffuser with very little of the splashback you’d expect from pouring water into another pool of water from a height.

Even the typography is good - ok a bit small - but it matches the measurements on the diffuser so you use it more as a comparative guide anyway.

V good attention to detail.

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