Mark Hurrell.


On appreciating craft even when it is not to your taste

14 October 2020

Dylan: Not many No. 1 songs are bad, I feel like.

Puja: I don’t want to like, litigate Imagine Dragons with you right now, but I would argue that there are some.

Dylan: You wanna do that?

Puja: I would argue there are some No. 1 songs that have not been good.

Dylan: Which one?

Puja: Not 'Radioactive.' What’s the other one?

Dylan: 'Thunder'?

Puja: Yes.

Dylan: If one of my friends made 'Thunder,' I would be like, 'you are super good at making music and should definitely pursue this.' Like, 'this is hella good.' There’s no way you can hear 'Thunder' on a big-ass system and be like, 'that song fucking sucks.'

Laura: Dylan’s metric for what is a good song is so great. You can be like, 'I don’t know if I love that song' or whatever. And Dylan’s like, 'if you were listening to this on a huge sound system and your friend made it and you were hearing it, you wouldn't be like, 'wow, this is great?'

100 gecs and the Mystery of Hyperpop on Pitchfork

There’s a lot of wisdom in this.

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