Mark Hurrell.


Weeknote 6

07 November 2019

I'm not writing about the secret services — I'm writing about England and Britain now, and the problems in Europe. People like spy stories, I like writing spy stories [as] a vehicle, a stage, a theater, that I use to express other things.

...If we can only shake off the rhetoric that drives us, and the lies that drive us, and we can address things like the ecology, things like the inequity of reward, the unfairness of the distribution of wealth at the most elementary levels. If we can make people feel that the social contract is back in place and they're part of it, then possibly we have a future. But if we just go on cascading into expansion, blind expansion, if we go on believing that there is unlimited expansion in a limited globe, I think we are heading for destruction. The globe will survive but mankind won't.

John Le Carre on NPR

I think my own ties to England were hugely loosened over the last few years. And it’s a kind of liberation.

John Le Carre in the Guardian

  1. The sky over Exmoor 

  2. The sky over the Exe Estuary 

  3. Victoria Park fireworks 

  4. After the Victoria Park fireworks 

  5. Camera flashes are awful 

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