Mark Hurrell.


Weeknote 2

11 October 2019

Power is held in a startling small number of hands and, even outside of the dominance of the right-wing newspapers, liberal papers like the Guardian are controlled by an even more restrictive social background. Oxbridge graduates dominate, and an Oxbridge attitude rules. It’s not that editors tell commentators what to say — nothing so crude as that. It’s that few are given those positions if they’re the sort of person who might say the wrong thing. Thus the semblance of free thought is preserved, and the logic of entitlement to power and a ‘voice’ pervades the opinion pages and late night news shows, more so even than in Parliament. Those without that voice simply are not heard; no wonder everything from the landslide victory for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership election, and the ‘surprise’ victory of a reactionary Brexit campaign, were such shocks to the system.

Huw Lemmey, Sweet Moderation, Heart of this Nation

  1. Email from Tate 

  2. Final paragraph of Vice article 

  3. Shoplifters 8 

  4. Fonts SK, Digitized Type Design in Slovakia 

  5. Superflex, Flooded MacDonalds (installation view) 

  6. The Building Centre’s map of London 

  7. Ella at Canvas conference 

  8. Stephanie at Canvas conference 

  9. Shireen Liane at Stour Space 

  10. Stratford International 

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