Mark Hurrell.


Weeknote 11 – 12

24 December 2019

I really love this word ‘occhiolism’. It’s a weird old word you don’t hear that much, but it means the awareness of the smallness of your own perspective. Everyone has their own journey. Don’t judge someone on a moral level, try to understand why they are that way.

Skrillex, interviewed in Dazed

A customer doesn’t want the toaster. They want the toast.

Johanna Nordell, in The Verge

I’m going to go out on a limb here: the Xbox Series X design is good for some of the same reasons the Tesla Cybertruck design is good. It upends preconceived notions of what it’s supposed to look like, but does so for specific, functional reasons.

Dieter Bohn, in The Verge

One of the great strengths of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is that it clarifies a phenomenon that we may know about but not fully comprehend. For those like me who work in tech, it may come as a relief to read that technology itself is not on trial. Surveillance capitalism is not inevitable. Zuboff makes clear that it has been enabled by 20 years of deregulation in the technology sector, which to date we have largely accepted. Do we continue in our passivity, Zuboff asks, or do we decide it is unacceptable?

Ralph Cowling, in The New Humanist

  1. Uh oh 

  2. Salomon sneakers 

  3. Opening Ceremony and Columbia collection 

  4. Larry David on the set of Seinfeld 

  5. Jil Sander SS19 

  6. North Face Mountain Light jacket 

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