Mark Hurrell.


Should you sleep

28 August 2013
  • Face detection:
    Face Detection is the most effective sensor and works by capturing video from the camera and looking for eyes, nose and mouth (all three are needed to make a face). If one or more faces are detected, sleep is prevented.
  • Camera motion:
    Sleep is prevented if a moving target is captured by the camera (such as waving, walking or even slightly moving your head). A perfect combination for the default Face Detection as it works even when you are not directly facing the camera.
  • Download monitor:
    Prevent sleep if there is network traffic. It works with all apps, on operations such as downloads and uploads, enjoying online videos and music and also receiving emails.
  • Processor usage:
    Prevent sleep if any app is performing CPU intensive tasks, such as audio and video conversions, encodings, renderings, scientific calculations, image processing, etc.
  • External display:
    Prevent sleep if an external display is plugged-in. A must-have for those who give presentations, speeches, demonstrations and/or trainings.
  • Sound activity:
    Prevent sleep If ambient sound is detected. Useful when you’re talking near the computer such as in workshops and meetings where the camera may not be in a favorable position.

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