Mark Hurrell.



30 November 2014

Caught a tweet and made it to the last few hours of the brilliant KP Brehmer exhibition at Raven Row. Added bonus, apparently the proper catalogue wasn’t finished in time so they were giving out a really nice John Morgan Studio designed pamphlet filled with loads of interesting interview extracts and stuff. This one jumped out:

Georg Jappe: Do you see yourself as a man who changes the system from the inside?

KP Brehmer: I believe that is the only possibility for producing a qualified change, ie. one with an organic foundation. All revolutions have shown that: one can’t easily abolish things which have developed in the course of the history of humanity. To say now that something new is being created from the outside – this total ‘outside’ doesn’t exist. If an artist wants to change a society, she can work only with the foundation – to make it broader, more stable. For this reason, changes from the outside are flashes in the pan.

Georg Jape, interview with KP Brehmer in Studio International 191, Apr 1975. Cited in the pamphlet for KP Brehmer, Real Capital-Production at Raven Row

You know, a bit like this.

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