Mark Hurrell

Radical notes

The effort to single out a possible role for a hypothetical 'anti-design', intended as a stimulus for a culture of opposition, either falls into the historic error of contesting bourgeois cultural models with elaborate other models, or runs the risk of an action that pushes towards a rejection of well-being, coinciding at its worst with the plan of the ruling class.

The only possible refounding of design does not lie in formally renewed projects, or, even less, in the uncontrolled thrust toward a technological modernisation of the sector, but in the modification of the customary relations that today exist between consumer and habitation structures.

Andrea Branzi - Radical Notes, in EP Vol.1 The Italian Avant-Garde 1968-1976 (first published in 1972)

So much good stuff in this one, but this Branzi extract is my favourite so far.

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