Mark Hurrell.

06 October, 2015

Publishing in an age of pervasive design

The Japan Times did a short interview with Kiyonori Muroga, editor of IDEA magazine. Some nice observations in it.

We have to remember that the basic cognitive ability of each human being is limited to the scale of a small tribal society. You have to acquire reasoning power, knowledge and literacy to deal with a contemporary society empowered by technology and its invisible structure.

Actual designers dwell in the realm of signs and signifiers. There is a meta-perspective that the layperson doesn’t have naturally that is necessary in order for design work to resonate culturally – it is something that is cultivated rather than innate.

A good publication is always made with a high sense of integration of the content and how it is designed – by editors and writers with sense of design, and also by designers with a keen sense of editing and writing.

Kiyonori Muroga in The Japan Times