Mark Hurrell.


Mr Oizo changed my life

15 April 2019

It got a bit lost in all the 2019 fuckry but at the start of this year Levis did a twenty year anniversary reissue of engineered jeans. Obviously, this. is. my. jam.

Got me listening to Mr Oizo again too, and starting to threading a line between that song and so much of the culture I discovered as a result of it. Feel free to just picture me and my fifteen year old mates, skating around in shit-fitting denim having opinions about 303s (which twenty years later I’ve still only experienced in software form lol).

Because the world is flat now, I’d actually spent half of christmas trying and failing to find a vintage pair of engineered jeans in my size on depop anyway, so I bought the reissued ones without pausing for breath. I also made this shirt to sort of take the piss out of how european and suburban I am.

I’ve had a few people ask me about the shirt, and then I read Joe Muggs’ brilliant Resident Advisor article about how much Flat Beat influenced electronic music across the world and it occurred to me maybe some of you would like one too, so I’ve put it up on Everpress. If twenty of you order one they’ll screen print them up (and if it doesn’t reach that number, no-one loses any money).

Oh yeah, and I also did a yellow version if you want to go full Flat Eric.

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