Mark Hurrell.


Keep building

19 September 2018

Durga Chew-Bose Being a creative director requires, I imagine, possessing an endless stream of ideas. But that kind of excess seems like, not necessarily a bad or flawed approach, but unfocused? Or maybe too abstract?

Will Welch Totally. This moment where there's a premium on ideas is pretty silly. Because it's cool to have ideas but it's way cooler to know how to execute half of an idea. Wanting to present yourself as someone with a million ideas is just very strange. That's like having all the ingredients for tons of cakes but nobody cares until you bake them.

... The best way in this era to smash the critics or the haters or the naysayers or whatever it might be, is to just keep making stuff. To keep building. The paradigm Virgil Abloh really shattered was the one where instead of the celebrity being the most aspirational figure, it was the guy behind the guy.

Interview with Will Welch over at SSense

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