Mark Hurrell.



15 August 2016

If humans are made by their environment, then this environment has to be made human.

Marx and Engels, translated by Experimental Jetset

It’s an idea shared by a lot of designers, but Experimental Jetset don’t resort to cute illustrations and hand-drawn type like most others do. They don’t try to pretend their work is something that it isn’t. They understand the job of the designer is to create blueprints for machines to reproduce, and their work looks like it has been reproduced by a machine.

But design isn’t just how it looks, it’s how it works. When graphic design works its mostly because of the words, and Jetset do very human things with words.

The internet is mostly words and data. Digital services are mostly words and data. And I guess most of us working in this field are still trying to figure out how to get machines to do human things with words and data, rather than inhuman things.

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