Mark Hurrell.


Hard in the paint

30 August 2018

Young Paint (aka Jade Soulform aka Francis aka Generation 4 aka AZD) is a Learning Program that has been progressively emulating the greyscale to silvertone process Darren J. Cunningham (Actress) started during the recording of the Hazyville LP on Werkdiscs in 2008. A decade later much of the Actress material, both composed, recorded and performed live has incorporated partially independent YPAi.

Young Paint EP press release

Quick background; in 2014 Cunningham/Actress released his album Ghettoville, which he claimed would be his last. In 2017 he followed it with a new album, AZD. Which – if you believe the press release above – happens to share a name with the machine-learning program that he’s been training for a decade to emulate his music making style. More on this stuff.

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