Mark Hurrell.


Electronic objects

13 July 2014

Normally more of “faster horse” guy when it comes to things with screens (where’s my external display with comparable pixel-per-inch to a macbook air? where’s my e-ink ebook reader without that aggro strobe when you change page?!) Keep coming back to the idea of getting an Electronic Objects EO1 though.

I just like the idea - I’ve had quite a few chats about the thing-ness of digital art over the years, with my friends at Artfinder, with Henry about his work at Sedition, with Louise when she was at Tate - so seeing a team having a go at solving some of those problems is great. Plus I’m very sympathetic to focussed computing (and unlike Netflicks and Spotify this looks compatible with east London internet speeds) and I’ve definitely thought about making custom housings for computer monitors (you know you can buy a retina NEC display for like the same money as an Apple cinema display right?)

But. Heart just sinks at the idea of having another flickering lightbox in the flat.

And yet, I do keep thinking about it.

There’s a couple of weeks until the EO1 kickstarter closes. I’ve revived my old powerbook to use as a crude test model. Lets see if it’s the kind of thing I’d want to live with.

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