Mark Hurrell.



24 July 2015

Had a nice slow saturday run up the Lea Valley this afternoon. Was just crossing Hackney Marsh as the clouds were starting to break and the DJ mix I was listening to moved into Jacques Greene’s After Life, After Party and I got a bit of a flashback to when I saw him play at St John last year. It was a fucking great night. Remember getting a bit overwhelmed and teary while dancing as he played that track out, I hadn’t had anything stronger than a couple of beers, just susceptible to music and lazers and the mood of crowds I guess. Anyway, good times. One of those nights that makes putting up with all London’s shit worthwhile.

Last week I went to opening of Evian Christ’s memorial to The Trance War at the ICA. Half expected it to all be a big joke and I’m still not totally sure it wasn’t, but i’ve been thinking about it in the days since. The performance featured tiny choirboy standing in front of a huge memorial-type statue of a really hench dog, singing Things Can Only Get Better as huge drones gradually built up and eventually overwhelmed his voice over about 25min. Then some confetti cannons exploded, the music dropped to a single repeating kick drum and some people in security vests with glowsticks starting pointing us to the exits.

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